Decorative String Light

If you want to change the living environment around you and decorate your home,the string light is your first choice.
Whether it's Christmas or Halloween, it can be decorated for a whole year.
The color is rich and can be matched according to your needs or hobbies.
It can be lit right away by plugging in the power, even for novices.

Icicle Light

Can be used indoors and outdoors,it's waterproof.
Monochrome, or a mix of two colors,can be customizable.
Steady on,8 modes or mix flickering,very pretty.

Strip Light

IP65, can use in indoor and outdoor, insulated and safe to use.
It can be cut and extended, not easy to break and it has a long useful life.
Very easy to do graphics and text.
Colors vary, you can control the color change,choose monochrome and RGB, giving the environment a colorful visual effect.

Fireworks light

Energy saving, high brightness, safety and waterproof,3D, easy maintenance.
Blooming in the beautiful night sky, as if in a sea of ​​fireworks.

Snowfall light

Low power consumption, high brightness, safety and waterproof.
Fast like a meteor or snow in the night sky, beautiful and romantic.
Eco-friendly products, safe to use. Waterproof and durable.

Net Light

Square net, round net, triangle, rectangle, polygon for you to choose.
Size, number of beads can be customized according to requirements.
Digital technology can be used to make the network light have many effects such as scanning, programming, running water, interaction, chasing, and flashing.
One light doesn't illuminate and the other lights will still illuminate.
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LED Type

  • String Light
  • Copper Wire Light
  • Decorative Light
  • Motif Light
  • Curtain Light
  • Net Light
  • Light Strip
  • Solar Light
  • Power&Controller

LED Color

  • White
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Warm White
  • Yellow
  • red
  • Rose pink
  • Colorful

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