LED Motif light - Ball

1. 3D three-dimensional ball shape pattern lights, color, size, material can be customized according to customer needs.

2. Simple and convenient hanging chandelier

3. Handmade, unique and beautiful

4. Sturdy anti-rust paint metal frame, unique and stylish modern design.

5. Winding soft LED copper wire string, anti-twist, high reliability.

6. One light does not illuminate and the other lights will still illuminate.

7. It can be perfectly matched with other decorative lights to create a Christmas wonderland.

8. It is better to hang 2~3 effects at the same time.



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LED decorative light
You've seen them in every part of the city... LED decorative lights are eye-catching because they create bold, imaginative, and brightest holiday lighting. They also save money because they are energy efficient and are made up of more durable, wear-resistant LED beads that don't break, crack or fade, and glow for 50,000 hours! So take a look at our wide-angle LED mini lights that can be customized to a variety of bright colors and wires of different lengths. Maybe this is the year you need to upgrade the incandescent lamp or transform your ambient light environment. Please purchase our more energy-saving, multi-style, multi-function LED light string. It is easy to install and can easily replace your old string or enrich your Let's live. LED decorative lighting is our specialty, please call our hotline 86-0769-82919189 or send an email. We have everything to make your life and holiday full of romantic and warm decorative lights!



Product name LED Motif light - Ball                    
Model FP-D1-Ball
Size 30cm (can be customized)
LED color Colorful, red, yellow, warm white, white, blue, green, pink            
Shape Round
Voltage DC24V
Power 3-12W
Product features Steady on
Installation way Suspended, stacked arhats, placed directly on the ground
Metarial Stainless steel / iron / aluminum wire frame + LED copper wire string / LED string
IP level IP65
Use for
Widely used in homes, villas, hotels, shopping malls, government office buildings, leisure and entertainment venues, corridors, exhibition halls, indoor and western restaurants, all kinds of buildings, etc. are applicable.


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LED Type

  • String Light
  • Copper Wire Light
  • Decorative Light
  • Motif Light
  • Curtain Light
  • Net Light
  • Light Strip
  • Solar Light
  • Power&Controller

LED Color

  • White
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Warm White
  • Yellow
  • red
  • Rose pink
  • Colorful

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